The children in Pre-School have been doing some science projects this week!  They have been learning all about chemical reactions and also made their very own working volcano garden.

free viagra trial couponChildren experimented with baking powder and vinegar and made fizzing, bubbling patterns on trays of baking powder.  We put coloured dyes into the vinegar and the results were beautiful.  The children improved their fine motor skills too by learning how to use a pipette.  They were able to explore how colours can be mixed as well as about the chemical reaction which takes place when baking powder is mixed with an acid such as vinegar. children also worked together to make a volcano garden.  First they collected plants and flowers, rocks , twigs and shells from our garden.  We used three small bottles to make our volcanos.  We made a mixture of warm water, vinegar, red colouring and washing up liquid and filled the bottles two thirds full.  Then we used some brown play dough to build around the bottles to make the volcanoes look realistic!

After this the children got creative and used all the things they had collected and found to make the project into a miniature prehistoric volcano garden.  They even put a few dinosaurs in too!  We talked a little bit about natural history and dinosaurs.  Then the exciting bit.  We put a small spoonful of baking powder into the top of each volcano and then waited.

The children were really exciting to see their volcanoes erupt and were asking to do it again right away.  This is a really easy experiment to try at home and all the ingredients are very easy to get hold of.  If you are interested in getting instructions for this activity, please ask a member of Pre-School staff who will be happy to help you.